A True Wolf Never Cries

by Titan Force



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"Sometimes, even a True Wolf cries. And that's okay."

- Impakt

Life's a damn long road, with viscissitutes left right & center.
Sometimes its a smooth drive, with hardcore babes, smilin' kids and friends always with a hand to shake.
But sometimes its' not so easy....
I'm serious writin' this... thinking back to those dark times i spent remembering lost love, watchin' the last pages of fadin' romances close like the last chapter of a busted book. I used to go up to any waterfall i could find, stand at the top, light my cigar and jus think about how stupid i was, standin' there while all the stars above were jubst waitin to be found. Haha...
Life is a hardcore thing, & that's all im sayin'. Some days i felt like i wasn't a wolf deep down. some days i felt like a Joke. I was never one to shed a tear, an i wrote this song to remind myself, an all the other True Wolfs out there.... that jus cause you dont cry, doesnt mean your tears aremnt made of gold.



It's a beautiful day so why do I feel small?
How could you leave me - I'm the coolest guy in town
I'm on my knees before the waterfall
I never knew that a woman could set my heart on fire like a burning star

But a True Wolf Never Cries
Though the pain in my proud heart I can't disguise

It's a Saturday night and I'm not going out
The fading light of the sunset blazes my heart
The sea kissing the horizon makes me think of you
I flick my cigar off the cliff and I watch it fall

But a True Wolf Never Cries
Even if it's a rainstorm of tears inside

Time to face my fears and stand up
No more running from the night
Cause deep down this wolf loves the sun
Just like


released September 7, 2015
ImpaKt - Words of Wisdom
FAyZE - EDM, Guitar
Wolfsun - Vocals, Guitar


all rights reserved



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