Hot Heat (When 2 Temperatures Meet)

by Titan Force



The last traveller who sought the scroll is still lost in the hot hot heat. Don't be a heroe....



(I try to speak to you, but you’re lost in the hot hot heat)


Hot heat when 2 temperatures meet
Hot heat when I’m down on my feet
I’m on the road thinkin’ hard is this all just a dream?
The hot heat inside me makes me just wanna scream

Hot heat when 2 temperatures meet
Hot heat where my love won’t retreat
I’m on the road feelin’ full of an exceptional love
I’m gonna win you’re heart without removing my gloves


Parked outside your front door
I could make you feel good
Cold feet hot hot heat
Please just unlock the gate

Hot heat where I take my drinks neat
Hot heat where my love’s not discreet

Hot heat from my nice hotel suite
Hot heat when the groove hits my feet

The hot heat hits me like a super fast jet
I jump from the cockpit and watch the sun set
As I fall ten thousand feet and struggle not to scream
I feel a spasm through the prophylactic fibers of my jeans

Now I touch the texture of this dream

Shield me from
The wolf inside
Putting pieces back where they belong x2

(Wake up, you’re lost in the hot hot heat)

The temperature is getting hot
The fiery heat of love is in the sky
The hot
The hot heat
The hot hot heat
The hot hot heat yeah

(Come back)
(You’ve gone too far)
(The heat, it’s taken hold of you)
(I can’t bring you back)
(The heat)

Hot heat when 2 temperatures meet
Saw your face and my heart skipped a beat
Hot heat when I’m down on the street
Kissed your lips and I tasted defeat
I was a fool
But I’ll never make that mistake again
Hot heat when 2 temperatures meet


released February 23, 2015
Impakt - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Vocals
FAyZE - Guitar, EDM
Wolfsun - Guitar, Vocals


all rights reserved



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