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We all have questions? WHy are we here, what is life? what is destiny? is there a place we go when we die? a valhalla? an inner sanctumn of the soul?? how did TITAN FORCE get to be so awesome? can I attain such awesomeness myself? Titanforce HJas the Answers! Titan Force is the answer! What is an answer anyway? what is a question? Titan Force does not believe in Answering questions! Questions are best left unanswered! Just like telephone calls from exlovers! In A world of true peace there would be no questions! only statements! Titan Force is a statement that cannot be answered. Like a twister we eradicate illusions and render questions into dust! We speak the truth and the truth cannot be questioned because it is the truth! What is Truth? Titan Force is truth, Titan fOrce is hope! Titan Force is a sledghammer of realisation breaking through a wall of illusions. Titan Force has earned our greatness and we deserve your respect. If you truly respect the truth then respect us.
This is a song about respect and a song about searching for truth and a song about questions. And also a song about despair. Titan Force go at it hard, too hard you might say! While recording this song Titan Force suffered a casulaty!! A casualty of the mind! Wolfsun had questions that could not be answered and should not have been asked and for that he paid the ultimate sacrifice. Titan Force will continue to record while he recovers! Namastay Wolfsun, Titan Force loves you.


Woke up this morning
With a crazy storm in my head
So afraid of bottlin' it up
Gotta get these questions asked

What happened to life?
And in the blink of an eye
I'll be an old man kissing his grandchildren goodnight

Why are all the stars we used to love
Exploding in a rainbow's fears?

I'm the best
I'm the best
I've always been the best
I run fast in light up shoes
Women - models - at my disposal
I've got the full crayola set - all 17 colours
Where's the sunlight come from?
What's behind the moon?
Why's my face reversed when I look into a spoon?
Everybody needs a pat on the back once in a while
I've earned it
I've earned the right to bask in the infinite density of space and time

My cosmos
My sanctum
My reality
My dojo
My cage
My heart
My soul

Why are all the stars we used to love
Exploding in a rainbow's fears?


released November 2, 2015
Impakt - Urgent phonecall
FayZe - EDM
Wolfsun - Rapture


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Titan Force

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