Stop the Party

by Titan Force



Titan Force love to party, we love to have a good time with our friends, our family, our lovers, our students, our wise and benevolent teacher Sensei Yamagata, our stallions 'Thunderhoof', 'Silvermane' and 'Obsidian Blaze', our spirit guide Chief Wildcat, our eastern healer Master Tony Wong, our homeopathist Dr. Hans Otterman, our fitness instructors Chad, Denise and Michael. The list goes on, just like Titan Force it never stops, and cannot be stopped and will not stop. But one thing must be stopped. We all like to party, Titan Force more than most. Titan Force is the party and although Titan Force is the party and cannot be stopped. SOmetimes the Party must be stopped!! When the hour has drawn on too long. When the sun has risen. When the night fades. Stop The Party. When the birdsong has called. When the Rooster has croaked. When the stars have died. Stop The Party. When all matter has ceased to be. WHen the universe has reached critical mass. When the Earth has withered and died. Stop The Party. When the sun has imploded. When Solar Flares race across the skies. When time has torn through your neighbourhood and rendered everyone you know and love into grains of sand. Stop The Party. This is a song about a party that must be stopped, the party of misunderstanding. Titan Force understands, Titan Force accepts, Titan Force believes.



Maybe it's just the feel of the warm sunlight
But I can tell there's a party goin' on tonight
Oh yeah

I just can't sleep I can tell there's a party
It's just got to be here somewhere
Is it inside my brain?
Ten doses of party in my veins
Where's my floral shirt?
Underneath twelve years of dirt

Whoa yeah
I like to party x2

The party has woken me up again
I fell asleep on the couch now I'm under the stairs
Everyone's dancing to the sound of my voice
I'm pouring absinthe on the plants so they have no choice
There's confetti in my eyes
Now touch the party's thighs
I can't feel my hands
Overloading party gland

I like to party
I like to feel it on my skin
I love the party
But I can never win

This party's gone on long enough
This party's gone on long enough
Stop the party
Stop the party
Lock the doors
Lock the doors


released February 16, 2015
Impakt - Sunglasses & Jacket
FAyZE - Talkbox, EDM
Wolfsun - Vocals
Thom Yorke - Vocals


all rights reserved



Titan Force

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