The Life I Chose

by Titan Force



Ha... Sometimes life & love are few and far between....but if you ever feel that way WATCH OUT! Its bad to comfused in life, life is chosen by you & you alone, so drive true and fast and well...




A sunset drive
I’m ready to have your hands around my arm
I’m at the limit of my life
But not at the limit of my love yeah
And you’re the one
How many roads must I drive up until I see

The sun x3

Not time yet
The wheels turn fast
And hypnotise my eyes with visions of the past
Where were you
When the rose turned blue
I’m on the curb
It rains so hard
I can’t forget the time
I wept
For you

I wish I drove with golden
To fly into
The sun

Life’s a bumpy road
It’s hardcore driving to survive I know (I know)
Of course I know (‘Course I know)
The birds fly east
And far away the stars will smile (Smile)
Yeah (Yeah)

But there’s only one star that I love (That I love)
And baby (Baby)
That’s right
That’s the sun
The sun

The sun
That’s the sun x3


released August 7, 2014
Impakt - Bass Guitar
Wolfsun - Vocals


all rights reserved



Titan Force

Watch out rollers, here comes the force you've been waiting for. It's been so cold... so cold out there but now... Watch out! It's TITAN force, and music will never be the same. The wait is over, the cold has turned to gold, and it's time for hot, strong new music. ... more

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