The Titan Force $ound

by Titan Force

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This is a totally unrehearsed and impromptu live freestyle battle between two Titan Force members IMPAKT and WOLFSUN at one of Titan Forces many (and legendary) house parties. I was dropping mad SLAMS as usual (no suprise there) getting the dancefloor pumping (but also thinking), when inspiration struck and my boys took to the mic. What happened next was a moment of serenity, perfect musician ship, nirvana, real shit, as if 2pac and big-E smalls had come back from the grave. This recording may sound raw and that's because it is raw, but it's also truth and contains within it many truths which will no doubt become apparent through repeated listens. Wolfsun is now missing in action, but we dug this out of the Titan Force Archives and gifted it to the world as a testement to the greatest lyrical mind(s) of OUR GENERATIONS. Love, Live and (above all else) Breathe.

- FayZe



Sippin' on drugs,
I've got ounces by the pound,
See me on the block and you better come around,
My gaff,
It's so cool,
We'll play pool,
Listen to the ladies say 'Titan Force Rule!'

I gotta send a message,
To all the haters that can't handle my visage.
On the streets,
It's die or survive,
Don't believe me just add me on XBOX Live.

Writing mad rhymes is a pastime of mine,
Spit so sick the economy declines.
They can take a dip in my septic tank.

What's wrong with you today,
Have you been listening to my music?
(Listen to the ladies say Titan Force rule)
What's wrong with you today,
Have you been listening to the...

Goes the mic,
Wrecking the stage because the crowd's so hype.
They came to see me in my boot cut jeans,
When the lights go out,

Follow your footsteps to the shop,
Watch you buy your lollipop,
Turn around,
I'm in your face!
Or am I gone, without a trace?


What's up rollers let me hear you say...
Paparazzi snapping trying to capture my flow.
Gonna need a quicker shutter speed cos I don't take a break,
Cept when I'm chilling in my hot tub reading Plato with a milkshake.

My face is on your webcam!
Snakeskin boots,
I shoot hoops with my fruit loops.
I don't let shit get me down,
I take things in my stride.
My rollers by my side,
Their faces full of pride.
Reminisce on the bliss of the life that I live,
And I feel positive as I reach for the sky,
And I meditate.
Draw your love from the sky...
Let you float above the world...
Into the place...where we the home of the...



released December 30, 2015


all rights reserved



Titan Force

Watch out rollers, here comes the force you've been waiting for. It's been so cold... so cold out there but now... Watch out! It's TITAN force, and music will never be the same. The wait is over, the cold has turned to gold, and it's time for hot, strong new music. ... more

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